Welcome to the third issue of DIN magazine! This year’s issue is themed distortion.  

Distortion is aural, visual, and sensual. It is fun house mirrors and rumor mills. It is a manipulation of noise. It is a mash-up of surrealism, dreams, truth, and memories. Distortion is in an altered and altering. Language, stereotypes, body image, and social boundaries are distorted: airbrushed fantasies on magazine covers, virtual identities and avatars, political misrepresentations, and partial truths in the media. Distortion is artificial and organic. It is a cloned image that contorts reality.

The mission of this journal is to give an opportunity and space for groundbreaking, radical, and dynamic artists to showcase their talents.

DIN is affiliated with New Mexico State University and the English Department. It is produced by students in ENGL 449 and ENGL 549: Online Publishing, under the charming supervision of Professors Jen Almjeld and Lily Hoang.